There has been a tremendous increase in online growth market in India. With discreet deliveries getting possible, it has opened a few numbers of doors for both women and men. Gone are the days when people had to visit a pharmacist and wait for their turn to ask for condoms and be not sure to whether be embarrassed or not about it. This generation fortunately has accepted how natural it is to talk about sex and the need for sex toys and condoms. Normalization is certainly necessary which will create awareness among young generation on what is right and what is not!

Recent trends show that India has been experiencing a tremendous growth in sales of sex accessories and toys. This is a welcome change where still in some parts of the country speaking on the topic sex is still a taboo! India has several classifications of people each falling into different categories. There is still a percentage of population who is not open and twitch on hearing about sex toys or how to use them. On the other hand, there is this other percentage of population who have been using it for some time and have no qualms in talking about it.

There is also another set of people who want to try all these sex toys and talk about them and hear about how they work but do hesitate to do so for the fear of being judged. India does have a varied set of people each thinking and acting in their own way. There is no doubt, the country has seen tremendous rise in awareness and usage of these sex toys and know about how they enable to lead a active and healthy sex life. This forms the most important part of human lifecycle and definitely needs normalization focus a tad bit more than other things like breast feeding and baby weaning among others!

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A majority of people actually are not open to Adult Products India doubting how safe it could be. The product categories in sex accessories have grown tremendously indicating a varied type of interests which by itself is an indicator that we are almost getting there. Slowly as it might seem, but definitely steadily! India might not be listed in the top countries which have been using sex toys and accessories; it is slowly growing higher in placing a demand for products which help in maintaining sex wellness.

The product categories in sex and wellness have multi folded. What started with just condoms in different colors, shapes and flavors has now grown into erotic lingerie, lubricants, vibrators, massagers and other adult toys, board games, costumes for role play, hand cuffs and other bondage! It is not a wonder that a variety of new categories keep popping up with every season as the demand keep increasing. It is so heartening to see women coming out knowing they have a say in the sexual wellness.

In a developing country like India where women contribute to 50 percent of population, there was once a time when sexual pleasure was always a lopsided affair mainly reserved for men. The times are now changing for better where we have the women becoming more and more independent and voicing out their opinions and need in a more assertive way!

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With Indian society, which has been conditioning women into believing that Sex and the pleasure is all reserved for men all these years, women have been either reluctant to agree or have silently protested at their own comfort levels. Now with the changing times we are quite overwhelmed to see new book written by women who have their own set of rules where it is no more a taboo to talk about sex and its pleasures and how it is all not about men!

It has now become so common to use online shopping where there are a variety of product categories women could choose from. The services to different cities are quite discreet which offers the required privacy. Also the customer testimonial and review sections help a lot of people to arrive at better decisions. There are decent product descriptions too which could be taken onto account. These toys and accessories work differently for each person and hence every single category has to be tried to find one’s comfort level!